In today's times (and I pray you are well) we are all looking for a way to do more in less time with less interruption. Remote Online Notarization is here to stay and do just that.


No ink stamp, no paper journal, no photo copies. A typical notarization (if all docs are emailed ahead of time) lasts only about 15 minutes.


8 short steps that can be done on most computers, smartphones and tablets. 

  • The business entity uploads documents to be signed and notarized.

  • The RON platform receives the documents and sends notice to the signer.

  • The signer receives the notice and accesses the website.

  • Once at the website, the signer begins the authentication process.

  • The notary receives notice that the signer has accessed the website and joins the signer for a two-way audio/video session that is recorded and completes the authentication process.

  • The signer signs the documents and the notary electronically notarizes the documents (all while each party can see and hear each other through the two-way audio/video session).

  • Copies of the executed documents are returned to the business entity and signer.

  • Copies of the audio/video recording of the authentication process and other authentication data is deposited in the notary’s electronic journal along with information about the signer and the notarized documents. 

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